Form Ghana Ltd. sells untreated poles for different applications, selected and harvested from Form Ghana’s own teak plantations.

Electricity Transmission or Utility Poles that are treated are widely used for: 

  • Support of overhead power lines

  • Support of overhead fibre optic cable

  • Support for transformers

  • Street lights

Building Poles that are treated are widely used in the building and agricultural sector for applications such as:

  • Playgrounds

  • Construction

  • Thatching

  • Trellising in agriculture

  • Guard rails and Signage Poles

  • Fencing Poles

Untreated teak fencing poles for: 

  • Game fencing

  • Livestock fencing

  • Security fencing

Please contact Form Ghana Ltd. for latest offerings by sending an e-mail to: marketing@formghana.org