The ForestLink blog about community fire management

The ForestLink published a nice blog about our Community Fire Management Project. It gives a clear view of the project’s impact on Form Ghana company and all the odther actors in the landscape and how we are working together with communities to gain controll over wildfires. 

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Green Ghana Day - Let's

Go Planting! 

On Green Ghana Day, 11 June 2021, Form Ghana contributed by planting 124,715 trees. Green Ghana Day was initiated by the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources. Many high ranking government officials were part of Green Ghana Day.

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Green Ghana Day - Form Ghana staff planting trees.jpg

Genetic diversity of Form Ghana's Teak

A group of scientist and forestry experts have analysed the genetic diversity of teak in a trial at Form Ghana. The results were captured in the article "Teak genetic diversity in Ghana shows a narrow base for further breeding and a need for improved international collaboration for provenance  exchange" and published in the journal "Genetics Resources".

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Teak provenance trial.jpeg