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Comprehensive yield model for teak plantations Ghana

Site specific yield tables are hard to come by. This paper presents a comprehensive yield model for teak plantations in central Ghana, prepared by our colleagues Ransford Nkuah and Abubakari Tahiru toghether with Tieme Wanders, Andries Polinder, and Denis Alder. With the methods described, specific yield tables can be developed based on monitoring data. The article has been published by Teaknet in their Bulletin, Volume 15, Issue 2 of April 2022. 

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New forest on the Tain river bank in Ghana

To celebrate International Wildlife day we wrote an article the fauna research done to assess the impact of reforesting 1,075 hectares of Eastern Guinean Lowland forest in Ghana along the Tain River. The initiative was developed under the Landscape Restoration Programme for Tain II Forest Reserve, implemented and managed by Form Ghana, and supported by Form International and DOB Ecology. 

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Genetic diversity of Form Ghana's Teak

A group of scientist and forestry experts have analysed the genetic diversity of teak in a trial at Form Ghana. The results were captured in the article "Teak genetic diversity in Ghana shows a narrow base for further breeding and a need for improved international collaboration for provenance  exchange" and published in the journal "Genetics Resources".

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Teak provenance trial.jpeg

New forest on the Tain river bank in Ghana

To celebrate International Day of Forests, we interviewed Dr. Lucy Amissah, Senior Research Scientist at CSIR-Forestry Research Institute of Ghana. 

She shares her experiences with reforestation and natural regeneration. “People think that after planting a tree the work is done. But actually the real work, maintenance, only starts after planting the tree.” Form Ghana thanks Lucy for her valuable contribution to the reforestation  activities of Form Ghana.

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The ForestLink blog about community fire management

The ForestLink published a nice blog about our Community Fire Management Project. It gives a clear view of the project’s impact on Form Ghana company and all the odther actors in the landscape and how we are working together with communities to gain controll over wildfires. 

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Green Ghana Day - Let's

Go Planting! 

On Green Ghana Day, 11 June 2021, Form Ghana contributed by planting 124,715 trees. Green Ghana Day was initiated by the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources. Many high ranking government officials were part of Green Ghana Day.

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Green Ghana Day - Form Ghana staff planting trees.jpg
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