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Integrated Community Fire Management

In 2018, Form Ghana launched the Integrated Community Fire Management Project. Currently, nine communities in the area around Form Ghana’s plantations participate. In this project, the community fire squads are empowered and permitted to execute controlled burns during the fire season, under the supervision of local community fire volunteers. The project introduced the Fire Danger Index – Egya Kɔkɔbɔ in Twi, the local language – a tool used worldwide, but adapted to the Ghanaian environment, to guide the process of safe and controlled use of fire.


Fire is an important tool for farmers, but it must be managed well. The project supports the community fire squads with strengthening the rules and regulations during fire season. The project also recompenses the volunteers for their time, an important step forward for the squad members who all are also farmers.

The number of uncontrolled fire outbreaks reduced drastically: 78% compared to the previous year.


For this project a brochure was made. 

An article was published on this project by Global Landscape Forum

Fire frequency maps.JPG
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