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Form Ghana
has now VCS verified carbon credits for sale as a result of reforestation of degraded forest reserves in Ghana. The first 4,500 carbon credits have been independently validated by SCS Global Services. To read the joint press article with SCS, click here.


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Management Plans
Management Plan Tain II 
Management Plan Akumadan 

Monitoring reports Asubima and Afrensu Brohuma FR
2016 Monitoring Report
2015 Monitoring Report

2014 Monitoring Report
2013 Monitoring Report
2012 Monitoring Report
2011 Monitoring Report
2010 Monitoring Report

Monitoring reports Tain Tributaries FR
2017 Monitoring Report
2016 Monitoring Report

Monitoring reports Akumadan
2017 Monitoring Report

VCS carbon project
Report Form Ghana's reforestation activities validated by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

High Conservation Value Forest analysis reports
HCVF Analysis Afrensu Brohuma Forest Reserve, 2013
HCVF Analysis Asubima Forest Reserve, 2011
HCVF Analysis Tain II Forest Reserve, 2014

Biodiversity Reports
Biodiversity Monitoring Report Akumadam, 2017
Survey of medium-sized mammals in Asubima Forest Reserve, 2011
Survey of small mammals in Asubima Forest Reserve, 2011
Survey of snakes in Asubima Forest Reserve, 2011
Monitoring of biodiversity in Asubima Forest Reserve, 2011
Flora monitoring report 2015

Social and Environmental Impact Assessments
SEIA Tain II Forest Reserve
SEIA Afrensu Brohuma Forest Reserve
SEIA Asubima Forest Reserve

Management Documentation Summaries
Socio-Environmental Impact Mitigation Action Plan (RAP) 

Corporate Social Responsability Policy
Map Asubima and Afrensu Brohuma FR 
Map Tain II FR