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Sustainability concept

The forest reserves that Form Ghana operates in, used to be productive semi-deciduous forest ecosystems. In the past decades, the reserves were severely degraded due to overexploitation, bush fires and conversion to agricultural land. Form Ghana aims at reforesting 20,000 ha of degraded forest reserves in Ghana. Anno 2017, 8,000 hectares have been reforested and an average expansion of 1,000 to 2,000 hectares per year is foreseen. An overview of the principal tree species planted by the company is presented here.

Form Ghana will contribute significantly to the environment and to the Ghanaian economy and to the livelihoods of communities in the direct vicinity of the company. The sustainability concept designed by Form Ghana is  a unique tool to ensure responsible management in all 3 pillars of sustainability: society, environment and economy.

Unique sustainability concept Form Ghana


High quality performance on a technical as well as on a social and environmental level is the key to success for Form Ghana. Continuous sound, responsible management has resulted in FSC certification for responsible forest management in 2010 and reforestation carbon project validation under the VCS in 2013.

The FSC certificate for sustainable forest management ensures restoration of important ecosystem services (see environment), generation of local employment and improved social standards (see society), strengthening of the local economy and a guaranteed timber supply for the forest industry (see economy).