form Ghana
Forests for
the future


Form Ghana has a variety of products to offer.

Carbon credits
The first 4,500 VCS verified carbon credits are now available. Ongoing reforestation activities, in the coming 25 years will increase this number to 3 million credits. The VCS carbon credits of an FSC certified forest plantation are a unique product for buyers interested to compensate their impact on climate change with Form Ghana’s sustainable forest restoration activities. Read more

Teak timber
In the near future, the first high quality FSC certified teak timber will be placed on the market. Soon studies will start for the development of a diverse product portfolio. A constant supply will be secured by the rotational harvest and the heterogenous character of the plantation. Read more

Investment opportunities
Since global demand for certified timber products is growing rapidly, sustainable (plantation) forestry offers an interesting investment opportunity. Read more

Research & innovation
Currently, Form Ghana provides technical assistance to Unilever in scaling up the commercial production of Allanblackia, an innovative tree crop for the agro-foods sector. Read more